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Reptiles can make incredibly captivating and rewarding pets. If you’re looking to add a special reptilian member to your family, Underground Reptiles has a great selection of garter, gopher, bull, and pine snakes for sale.

These snakes come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns to meet any reptile enthusiast’s needs. Whether you are looking for small snakes or large ones, patterned snakes or solid colored ones, you are sure to find the perfect companion at Underground Reptiles.

From living habitats and food to tanks and items for enclosure maintenance, we offer all the necessary supplies for keeping reptiles healthy and comfortable. Our goal is to provide quality reptiles at an affordable price with excellent customer service.

So if you’re looking for a pet snake that is both fascinating and easy to care for, check out our selection of garter, gopher, bull, & pine snakes now!

What do garter snakes eat

Garter snakes are a type of snake that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. But no matter the color or pattern, all garter snakes share the same basic diet.

When it comes to keeping your garter snake fed, it’s important to understand their dietary needs. Garter snakes are carnivorous, meaning they feed on meat. Their preferred food consists of insects, like earthworms and crickets, or even small mice–all of which can be found on the

You should also make sure to consider the size and age of your garter snake when determining how much food it should eat per feeding. Young and smaller snakes require smaller meals more frequently than larger adults, who may only need to eat once every three to five days.

By understanding your garter snake’s dietary needs, you can ensure that they have a healthy diet and plenty of energy for exploring their new home!

Are garter snakes poisonous

Garter snakes may look intimidating, but they’re actually quite harmless! They belong to a large group of nonvenomous snakes, which means their bites don’t contain poison and won’t hurt you.

That said, when threatened, garter snakes are known to release a foul-smelling musk that has been compared to the smell of cucumbers. While this won’t hurt you either, it can be quite off-putting; if you ever find yourself in close proximity with one of these critters, it’s best to just leave it alone and let nature take its course.

Overall, garter snakes are an excellent choice for beginner reptile owners who want an easy-going pet snake that won’t bite or be dangerous to handle. Not only are these snakes relatively low maintenance and relatively small in size, but they also make great additions to any terrarium or pet collection due to their curious personalities and interesting behaviors.

Are gopher snakes poisonous

Gopher snakes (also known as bullsnakes) are non-venomous, harmless snakes that are often mistaken for rattlesnakes due to their pattern and defensive behavior. While gopher snakes can make a surprisingly loud ‘hissing’ sound, they are not poisonous and harmless to humans.

At Underground Reptiles Store, we specialize in non-venomous snakes like gopher snakes that get along well with humans. We thoroughly inspect all of our animals for any signs of illness or injury, providing peace of mind that your snake will be healthy and happy when it arrives at your home.

Gopher snakes generally mature in 3-4 years, have an average life span of 10-15 years and require minimal maintenance to keep them healthy. They feed mainly on small mice, while they are also known to snatch eggs or small lizards in their natural habitat. We provide detailed instructions on how to care for your gopher snake once you bring it home.

Make sure to purchase your gopher snake from a reliable source such as Underground Reptiles Store, so you know that it is healthy and safe for you and your family.

What do gopher snakes eat

Gopher snakes are opportunistic feeders and primarily target small mammals, birds, and other reptiles. In captivity, they can be fed smaller mammals like mice and rats as well as commercially available reptile diets. They need to be fed small meals 2-3 times a week that are large enough to make the gopher snake’s head look slightly bigger than its body after each meal.

It’s important to never try to feed your snake live mice or rats, as these can cause serious injury or even death to your pet. Instead, frozen and thawed prey is the safest option. Additionally, live food can carry disease that can be passed on to your snake if it is eaten.

Are bull snakes poisonous

Many people wonder if bull snakes are poisonous, and the answer is no: they aren’t venomous. Bull snakes have a black, yellow and white color scheme, making them the perfect choice for those who like brightly-colored reptiles.

These snakes are nonvenomous, but they can still give a nasty bite should you be foolish enough to handle one. However, with proper care, bull snakes are gentle creatures that make for excellent pets. To give them the best care possible, make sure to purchase your bull snake from a reliable source like . We offer a wide selection of healthy and properly handled bull snakes that make excellent pets.

Bull snakes are also good climbers, and will often use their long bodies to slither up trees or rocks in search of food. They feed on a wide variety of prey including mice, voles, and other small mammals or reptiles. To keep the snake healthy, it’s important to ensure it gets enough exercise and is provided with an adequate balanced diet of rodents.

Bull snakes can also be quite vocal – they will hiss when they feel threatened or provoked – but all in all they make great companions that provide hours of entertainment as you observe their natural behaviors. So if you’re looking for an exotic pet that won’t break the bank, look no further than ‘s array of bull snakes!

What do bull snakes eat

Bull snakes, also known as gopher snakes, are formidable predators in their environments.

Their diet consists of small mammals such as rodents and rabbits, lizards, frogs and occasionally birds. Bull snakes will also opportunistically feed on eggs and insects. Because of their size and strength, they can consume larger prey than other species of snakes.

To find food, bull snakes will search through the burrows and tunnels created by small mammals or actively hunt them down in the open. They are known to hunt during the day or night depending on the weather conditions or availability of prey. Bull snakes have also been seen basking in the sun to elevate their body temperature before a hunt.

If you’re looking for a pet snake that is both impressive in size and fascinating in behavior, consider bringing home a bull snake from today!

Are pine snakes poisonous

When you’re looking to buy a pet snake, one of the first questions that may come to mind is whether or not they are poisonous. Fortunately, pine snakes are harmless – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have an impressive defense mechanism.

Pine snakes typically have thick bodies and long tails which allow them to coil out of potential predators’ reach. As well, their bright coloring serves as a warning sign for potential predators that they should stay away. They also possess a loud hiss to further ward off attackers.

These snakes feed mainly on small rodents and lizards, using their sharp teeth and powerful jaws to grasp and swallow their prey whole. Although they are nonvenomous, the pine snake can still defend itself effectively against predators by biting and constricting its coils around them.

At Underground Reptiles, you can find an array of pine snakes for sale from baby pine snakes to adult pine snakes up for adoption – so you can choose the perfect pet for your family!

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