Snakes For Sale

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At, we have an extensive selection of snakes for sale. Whether you’re looking for a small snake to live in an aquarium or a more rare species to add to your collection, our store has exactly what you need. We specialize in selling snakes from all over the world, from popular North American species to unique and exotic varieties from Asia and Africa.

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Different Types of Snakes Available

When it comes to choosing the perfect pet, snakes can be an excellent choice. At Underground Reptile Store, we provide you with a wide selection of snakes for sale. From the ever popular corn snake to more exotic breeds like the king cobra, we have something for everyone.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snake owner, there are plenty of options available to fit your needs. Some of the different types of snakes that are available include:

  • Kingsnakes – These non-venomous snakes come in a variety of colors, including black and white, red and black, and yellow and black bands. They typically range from three to four feet in length and make great display pets.
  • Milk Snakes – These colorful snakes come in a variety of colors from red and yellow to silver gray and black. They’re generally quite docile and make great beginner pets because their size is manageable. They reach an average size of two to three feet in length.
  • Corn Snakes – These popular pet snakes usually grow between three to four feet in length and come in various colors such as red, yellow, black, and white bands or stripes. Corn Snakes are easy to care for and make wonderful beginners’ pet reptiles due to their docile nature.

So regardless of what type of snake you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone at Underground Reptiles Store!

Benefits of Owning a Snake

If you’re considering purchasing a snake, there are several benefits to doing so. First and foremost, snakes require minimal care compared to other animals. They require weekly feeding, and their terrarium needs to be cleaned a few times a month. Plus, they don’t need exercised like dogs or cats do – they can get all the exercise they need while inside their enclosure!

Snakes can also make great companions as they are quiet animals that don’t need much attention. They are very low maintenance, so once everything is set up there isn’t much else needed from an owner other than occasional maintenance such as cleaning their enclosures and feeding them.

Shedding is also much less frequent with snakes than with other animals. For example, cats and dogs typically shed their fur once every few weeks or months, depending on the breed and age of the animal. On the other hand, most snakes only shed once every four to eight weeks and typically lose fewer than five scales each time.

Finally, owning a snake is an affordable option compared to many other pets. Snakes require less food overall than larger mammals such as dogs or cats and don’t need any special tools such as leashes and grooming supplies; all you will need is a tank that is suitable for your reptile’s needs, food supplies, and the occasional light bulb change if using UVB lights.

How to Care for Your Pet Snake

Caring for a pet snake is not as difficult as you might think. With the proper knowledge, guidance and supplies, you can give your pet snake a comfortable and safe living environment. Here are some tips to help ensure your snake’s health and well-being:

Appropriate Enclosure

Choose an appropriate enclosure for your snake. This should be a tank or habitat, big enough for them to move around freely, but small enough that they don’t feel overwhelmed. Make sure there’s enough space for them to hide if they want to and that it provides the level of humidity they need.

Feeding Your Snake

Your snake needs to be fed regularly in order to stay healthy. You should feed them appropriate amounts of food that matches their size, age, and activity level. Live feeder food is also recommended as an occasional treat. It is also important to provide clean water so they can stay hydrated at all times.


Keeping your enclosure clean is essential for your pet’s health and comfort. Remove uneaten prey items from the enclosure immediately after feeding time, and make sure the water bowl is cleaned regularly. Clean out the entire habitat once a month so that it isn’t filled with debris or urine residue from your pet tabacco snake.

Recommended Supplies for Pet Snakes

Keeping a pet snake is an exciting and rewarding experience. But to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy, you need to make sure you are properly equipped with the right supplies. Here are some great supplies to keep your pet snake content:


Picking out an appropriate cage or vivarium is essential for both your pet’s health and safety. The size of the enclosure should depend on the type of snake you are getting, as some may require bigger enclosures than others. Make sure the enclosure has adequate ventilation, warmth, and humidity – all essential for a healthy living environment.


Providing your pet snake with decorations can help them feel more secure in their environment while also providing them with something to explore and play with. These decorations could include things like plastic plants, fake rocks, branches or even a hide box.


You will need a substrate material to line the bottom of your pets enclosure that can absorb any wetness or waste and can be easily cleaned. Substrates like newspaper, paper towels or reptile carpet work best as they can be regularly replaced; Avoid using substrates like mulch or sand as they can cause impaction if ingested when your snake is feeding.